Apollo Vredestein gives employees an icy bath in the fight against ALS!01-09-2014 | 19:38
It’s been all the rage in the United States and has spread worldwide: the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, which consists of throwing a bucket of ice water over yourself with the goal of raising awareness and funds for research into the muscle condition ALS. Within Apollo Vredestein, ALS is unfortunately no passing trend but a harsh reality for several employees within the company.

Last Friday, Apollo Vredestein was challenged by Revalidatiecentrum Roessingh in Enschede to accept the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. According to Jan Mos, board member for HR, this was an excellent opportunity to act out the company value Apollo One Family in practice. Despite the fact that employees were only informed of the challenge on the day itself, and therefore couldn’t prepare (in terms of reserve clothing, towels, etc.), a large number of people from all parts of the company, including the board of Apollo Vredestein, accepted the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. The result: a wet suit for many but also a cheque to the value of € 10,000 for the ALS Nederland foundation.

Many of the company’s employees have already shown commitment to helping colleagues affected by ALS over the past years. They took part in the Tour du ALS, an event where cyclists, runners and hikers came together to raise funds for much-needed research into the causes of the disease.

Click here to see the Apollo Vredestein Ice Bucket Challenge.
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